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Central Chatswood MapRun

To celebrate World Orienteering Day 2021 (and week) in our very small worlds during a time of Covid lockdown, Garingal offered some new MapRun courses . The courses feature Chatswood’s rather urban landscape and were created by David Stitt (GO) and checked by Alistair McLean (BF).

The Starts are just 1km from Chatswood Station in Beauchamp Park, which is on Nicholson Ave, near its intersection with Archer St.  Unfortunately, parking is sometimes hard.  When ready to start, go along the main path through the park to its junction with other paths, about the middle of the park.  The Finish is in the northeast part of the basketball court in the SW corner of the park.  Importantly, don’t forget that with Maprun, you mustn’t run within 20m of the Finish while doing your course - if you do, the Finish will ping, and no more controls will register.

Remember take care crossing all roads!  Roads close to the railway station are especially busy all day long.

The following courses are available in the central Chatswood area:

Short Line         3.5km.  Click here for map.

Medium Line    6.5km.  Click here for map.

Long Line         9.8km.   Click here for map.

Score                45 mins.  Click here for map. 

Score Course note: 10 points for controls 1 to 10, 20 points for controls 11 to 20, and 30 points for controls 21 to 30. The course also has a 45-minute time limit and a 10-point penalty for every minute (or part minute) late. When planning, be aware that you may have to spend 10-20 seconds at some controls waiting for enough GPS signal to get a beep.

  • The distance indicated is the distance you will probably actually run – not the (shorter) red-line distance.

  • The map scale for the Score, Short & Medium courses is 1:7500 and for the Long course is 1:10000.

  • All courses have multiple road crossings in this urban environment.

For younger family members:  Although there are no courses for the young, there is a nice playground very close to the start.


For courses in the West Chatswood area click here..


September 2021

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