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Event Results - Whichever Way You Want

Fast Link to Garingal Live Results


Final Results

Final Results for individuals (as distinct from 'live' results) are available from the Eventor calendar for whichever event you want.  However, results are usually not available for quite some hours after Course Closure (organisers typically need to get home to check all details before uploading).

Note that progressive results for an Event Series are available:

  • Sydney Summer Series progressive point score - click here

  • NSW State League progressive point score - click here

  • MetroLeague Club teams progressive results - click here

  • Garingal Club Champion progressive results - click here

  • MapRun events - click here

Live Results

These may or may not be available during an event.   Since covid, display monitors showing live results are no longer used.  The remoteness of some event locations adds difficulties in broadcasting results.  However, at bigger events there is a feed of SportIdent results data in a manner that is available on your smartphone in the Arena.

Links to live results can be found at the Arena of an event:

  • A QR code/web address indicated at the Download table as you run in the Finish

  • A QR code on your map

  • In an event program for bigger events, or at the Information Tent.

Common live results browsing sites are 

WinSplits and LiveLox

Want to analyse your course in more detail?

  1. WinSplits allows analysis of your times leg-by-leg as well as a comparison with others in your class/course.  Winsplits is a data set uploaded into Eventor by the Results Team and is therefore available as a button in Eventor near the overall time results.

  2. Livelox allows you to replay your route on a map of the event.  You will need to upload a .gpx file from your GPS watch (this can be done automatically after an event from some watches).  Livelox uses the splits data from the Finish software combined with a georeferenced map file with courses on it, as uploaded by the Results Team, combined with your GPS data.  Your LiveLox course is available as a button in Eventor near the overall time results (no need for a separate LiveLox account).

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