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Garingal Club Champion

The  2023  Garingal Club Champion  is

Cooper Horley

runs M16 (or up to M20E)!

See table below for 2023 rankings to date ....

Background:  Who, regardless of age, is Garingal's best performing competitor of the year?  A hard concept to grasp with up to 44+ classes depending on the event, and, add to that the variety of event formats ...  


However, Jim Merchant our Club Statistician has come up with a system.  Notably, not all events in the orienteering calendar have their results counted.  To give the greatest number of our club members a fair chance, there is a bias towards greater inclusion of local and low key events, especially events organised by Garingal. 


For calculation details click here.

Historic Rankings of all members: simply click the relevant year below.

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Place Getters for each year can be found here

For the 2021 report: Click here.

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