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Moonlight Madness

Moonlight Madness is  urban night orienteering by headlight or torchlight under a full moon.

Typically this is a series of 6 events (set by members of Garingal, Bennelong and WHO orienteering clubs) in the usual Sydney Summer Series format (30 controls, 45 minutes on a Wednesday night). Date are chosen to be about the time of the Full Moon between May and September.


Course setters will be putting on events that are fun and enjoyable for anyone lunatic enough to don a headlamp or carry a torch and jog around somewhere in Sydney finding control features in the dark / moonlight! The fastest orienteers should just about get all 30 controls inside 45 minutes every time - their challenge is to beat the 45 minutes by clever route planning and execution.

Maps will be 1:7500 on A4 for ease of readability at night.  

Starts are between 5.30pm and 7pm with courses closing at 7.45pm when we go out to retrieve the markers - so you need to come back by 7.45pm because after then, there will  be no markers out there to look for! 

Moonlight events in 2023

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