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Garingal Shirts for Sale

Newest style shirts
The latest running shirts & singlets can be ordered from Barbara Junghans at

  • GO clothing is subsidised by the club

  • These breathable fabric tops are Australian made by the Wear It company in Coffs Harbour

  • A reasonable stock is held as of Oct 2022, but more can be ordered in batches of at least 10 shirts/singlets of assorted sizes and sleeve lengths

  • Size charts to select your correct size are here (male vs female).  WearIt sizes are very similar to standard Australian sizing. 

Adult short-sleeved top  $40

Adult Long-sleeved  $45

Adult singlet top  $35

Youth short-sleeved $28

Youth long-sleeved $30

Youth singlet top  $25

Polar Fleece Jackets

Out of stock now, but can be a DIY creation.  (i) Purchase a dark green polar fleece and (ii) have the club logo stitched in place.  Contact Barbara Junghans at  to get details about which company in northern Sydney holds the artwork for our club logo.

Older style shirts still available

1. We have odd sizes of some TrimTex shirts which cost ..... (check with Aniko). 

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