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The Artarmon Moonlight Madness MapRun Course

During these Covid times we are all going a little mad, so Garingal has offered everyone the chance to attempt a Moonlight Madness Score course originally scheduled for 21 July in 2021. You can do it in broad daylight, or by the light of the moon, the choice is yours.

The start is at the north end of Artarmon Reserve, which is at the east end of Burra Road in Artarmon (see map on left). For most people the best parking place will be on Burra Road, but there is also parking inside Artarmon Reserve (just off the south end of the map). When you are ready to start, walk from Burra Road north along the park road to the Start at the picnic shelter on your left adjacent to the community garden.

The Finish is on the east part of a grassed area. This finish was deliberately chosen because with MapRun if you run within 20m of the Finish while doing a course, the Finish will ping, and no more controls will register. With a Score course, there are many route options, so the Finish is chosen to be an equal distance between 2 paths that are possible route options.

The map scale is 1:7500 (the standard scale for MM events).

When doing the course, please remember:

  1. Take care crossing all roads.  The roads close to the railway station are especially busy at nearly all times (though perhaps not in a Covid lockdown).

  2. You MUST keep to tracks in this urban bushland area to preserve the bush for everyone.  It is a Council requirement for permission to use this area for orienteering.


Only one course is available. It is a Score course with the usual (Sydney Summer Series) scoring scheme: 10 points for controls 1 to 10, 20 points for controls 11 to 20, and 30 points for controls 21 to 30. The course also has the usual 45-minute time limit and a 10-point penalty for every minute (or part minute) that you are late. When planning, be aware that you may have to spend 10-15 seconds at some controls waiting for enough GPS signal to get a beep.

MAP:  Click here to download. (It includes control descriptions in English.)


For younger family members:  Although there are no courses for the young, there is a very nice playground very close to the start and finish. It is the green out of bounds area just south of the finish circle.


July 2021

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