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Garingal goes mod!

After many years of debate what to do, how to do it, etc, Garingal launches its website which has been revamped from the ground up! Still a few pages to fill and glitches to sort (Home page Coming events feed needs coding, Facebook feed works on some computers not others etc), but t'was time to set sail...

The site uses the WiX platform. The shape of the site was created by club member David Bray, plus Dave engineered the technical end of things and archived all documents from the old site. Barbara Junghans, the current President, infilled much of the content and refined the menu system. Feedback on the current site is welcome! It is your site.

Why WiX? Because WiX offers a very intuitive and easy-to-learn management system for adding content. There is a lot of 'drag and drop', keyboard shortcuts are common with other popular word programs, etc. Ideal for novices to pick it up quickly.

Do you want to contribute and keep those pages vital and filled? The Junior's Page is now in the hands of juniors. We are looking for other club members to take on small tasks. Email Barbara .



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