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Developmental? Is that a new orienteering word?

Back in May all high school aged orienteers around Australia were invited to nominate themselves for the All-Australian Invitational Development Team (AAIDT). The aim was to have them mix with similar-skilled juniors from around Australia and stay with their State Teams during the Australian Championships Carnival to benefit from the atmosphere, the skills training, and camaraderie. It is thereby hoped to groom the next generation of State Team members into the mindset of aiming for 'a cut above'. One of the mothers reports her child has been greatly motivated to up-skill and train better since living-in with the official NSW State Team because they now know what they have to do to get to the next level.

Congratulations to Nick Stanley and Kieran Joseph who were both selected for the AAIDT. A cool shirt design identifies these up and coming, perhaps one day elite, orienteers.



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