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2017 Results List

 2017 Results





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 17 Sept  Willoughby  Emerge CATI  (line)  Winsplits        
 10 Sept  Lansdowne  MetrO League final  (line) (teams)  Winsplits        
 06 Sept  Asquith  Moonlight Madness 7  (score)  Splits  MM7map  Mini    
 03 Sept  Castle Hill  MetrO League 5  (line) (teams)  Winsplits        
 02 Sept  Blackman Park  LC Festival & SOS  (by course)          
 20 August  Cataract  State League 11  (line-1) (line-2) (1+2)  W1 W2  AttackPoint  R1 R2    
 19 August  Cataract  State League 10  (line)  Winsplits  AttackPoint  RG    
 06 August  Beacon Hill  GOanna  (line)  Splits  RouteGadget      
 02 August  Chatswood  Moonlight Madness 6  (score)  Splits        
 30 July  North Epping  Whale Rock CATI  (line)  Splits        
 23 July  Allambie Heights  MetrO League 4  (line) (teams)  Winsplits        
 16 July  Twelve Mile Creek  State League 9  (line)    AttackPoint  RG    
 15 July  Quorrobolong  State League 8  (line)    AttackPoint  RG    
 02 July  Lapstone  Turkey Trot  (line)  Winsplits  AttackPoint  RG  here  here
 25 June  N Turramurra  MetrO League 3  (line) (teams)  Winsplits    RG  ONSW  
 12 June  CSU Wagga  State League 7  (line)  Winsplits  AttackPoint  RG  ONSW  
 11 June  Burngoogee  State League 6  (line)  Winsplits  AttackPoint  RG  ONSW  
 10 June  Connorton  State League 5  (line)  Winsplits  AttackPoint  RG  ONSW  
 24 May  Milsons Point  Moonlight Madness 3  (score)        ONSW  
 21 May  Wianamatta  MetrO League 2  (line) (teams)  Winsplits  AttackPoint  RG  ONSW  
 14 May  Arthursleigh  State League 4  (line)  Winsplits  AttackPoint  RG  ONSW  
 13 May  Appin  State League 3  (line)  Winsplits  AttackPoint  RG  ONSW  
 05 April  Eastwood  Moonlight Madness 1  (score)  here        
 02 April  UWS Penrith  MetrO League 1  (line) (teams)  Winsplits  AttackPoint  RG  ONSW  
 30 March  Lane Cove  SSS 26  (score) (SSS)        ONSW  
 26 March  Isaacs, ACT  State League 2  (line)  Winsplits  AttackPoint      
 25 March  Deakin, ACT  State League 1  (line)  Winsplits  AttackPoint      
 22 March  Chatswood Chase  SSS 25  (score) (SSS)  here  RouteGadget    SSS  
 15 March  West Penno  SSS 24  (score) (SSS)  here      SSS  
 08 March  St Ives Chase  SSS 23  (score) (SSS)  here      SSS  
 01 March  Riverview  SSS 22  (score) (SSS)  here      SSS  
 26 February  Woollahra  Sprints 8  (line  here      here  
 22 February  Macq Hospital  SSS 21  (score) (SSS)  here  RouteGadget    SSS  
 19 February  St Peters  Sprints 7  (line          
 15 February  Pyrmont Point  SSS 20  (score) (SSS)  here  RouteGadget    SSS  
 12 February  Nirimba  Sprints 6  (line    AttackPoint      
 08 February  Belrose  SSS 19  (score) (SSS)        SSS  
 05 February  Lindfield  Sprints 5  (line)  (by class)  here  RouteGadget      
 01 February  Willoughby  SSS 18 + Cup  (score) (SSS)  here  RouteGadget    SSS  
 29 January  Gladesville  Sprints 4  (line) (by class)  here  AttackPoint  map RG    
 25 January  Lilyfield  SSS 17  (score) (SSS)        SSS  
 22 January  Mona Vale  Sprints 3  (line) (by class)    AttackPoint      
 18 January  Mosman  SSS 16  (score) (SSS)  here  RouteGadget    SSS  
 15 January  Birchgrove  Sprints 2  (by class)    AttackPoint      
 11 January  Pennant Hills  SSS 15  (score) (SSS)        SSS  
 08 January  Woolwich Dock  Sprints 1  (line) (by class)  here  AttackPoint  map RG    
 04 January  Ermington  SSS 14  (score) (SSS)        SSS  

 A full list of 2016 results can be found here.

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 a Big  *Thank You*  to all 
helpers and organisers of
recent events:

Asquith MM7 06 Sep: Elisabeth Bulman, John Bulman, Ian Cameron, Martin Dearnley, Fergus Dixon, Graham Field, Graham Horrocks, Carol Jacobson, Warwick Selby, Nicole Sellin, Dennis Sparling, David Stitt.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Ross Duker.

Castle Hill ML5 03 Sep:     SPORTident team: Colin Burnett, Ross Duker, Carol Jacobson, Robert Newman.

Lane Cove Festival and SOS 02 Sep: Barbara Hill, Tony Hill, Angus Leung, Airdrie Long, Lee Lowe, Dennis Sparling, Sue Thomson, Toby Wilson, Ernest Windschuttel.

 SPORTident team: Johnny Petersen.

Beacon Hill GOanna 06 Aug: Stuart Deane, Jim Forbes, Carol Jacobson, Ian Jessup, Ron Junghans, The Kennedy Family, Jim Merchant, Johnny Petersen, Jim Wells.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett.

Chatswood MM6 02 Aug: Marty Cousins, Bryony Cox, Tim Cox, Ross Duker, Dan Redfern, Kevin Roberts, Kylie Seary.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett.

North Epping local 30 July: Justine Brindley, Mark Brindley, Ross Duker, Natalie Grainger, Riley Grainger, Carol Jacobson, Ken Jacobson, Chris Stevenson.

 SPORTident team: Johnny Petersen.

Glengarry ML3 25 June:  NSW Junior Squad, McGhee family, Parr/George family, Shane Doyle, Ian Jessup, Mark Shingler.

 SPORTident team: Ross Duker, Robert Newman.

Milsons Point MM3 24 MayMartin Cousins, Bryony Cox, Tim Cox, Ross Duker, Graham Horrocks, Ian Jessup, Istvan Kertesz, Dan Redfern, David Stanley.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett.

Eastwood MM1 05 AprToni Bachvarova, Fergus Dixon, Glenn Horrocks, Graham Horrocks, Jack Lever, Andrew Smith.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Robert Newman.

UWS Penrith ML1 02 AprMelissa Annetts, Peter Annetts, John Brayan, Elizabeth Bulman, John Bulman, Bryony Cox, Carolyn Davies, Rod Eckels, Jim Forbes, Carolyn Haupt, Karin Hefftner, Carol Jacobson, Ken Jacobson, James Lithgow, Johnny Petersen, David Redhead, Warwick Selby, Lisa-Jane Taylor, Larry Weiss.

 SPORTident team: Colin Burnett, Robert Newman.

Chatswood SSS25 22 MarRobin Cameron, Martin Cousins, David Dash, Airdrie Long, Hugh Percival, Nea Shingler, David Stanley, David Stitt, Toby Wilson,  Ernest Windschuttel, Ted Woodley.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Robert Newman.

St Ives SSS23 08 MarElizabeth Bulman, John Bulman, Ross Catterall, Stuart Deane, Barbara Hill, Tony Hill, Barbara Junghans, Ron Junghans, Jim Merchant, Bruce Stanley, June Stanley, Ernest Windschuttel.

 SPORTident team: Dianne Bergen, Colin Burnett, Ross Duker.

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