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Exercise with MapRun

Orienteers know they currently need to stay at home. But happily, we are allowed to spend time outdoors to exercise. If you are missing the flashing red light and beep of SPORTident units during your run (or jog, or walk), then MapRun can provide beeps from your mobile phone. It also provides a competitive element to your exercise.  If you like to linger at the results screen, this is for you.


MapRun is an app that provides a form of Orienteering using SmartPhones GPS for punching and timing. This means that courses can be available at any time on any day. ONSW has created MapRun courses at Centennial Park, Bicentennial Park, Curl Curl Lagoon and Georges Heights.  Garingal (in particular, Colin Burnett & Dianne, and Carol Jacobson) has recently created some courses that may be closer to home for GO members.


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